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Buffing Foundation Brush 07

Buffing Foundation Brush 07

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Dense and flat-headed brush for foundation application, great for liquid and mineral formulas. 

This delicate, packed-with-bristles brush is designed to pick up the perfect amount of product and buff evenly into the skin and leaves a sheer, streak free finish.

Flat top makes application easy and quick. Leaves creams and liquids perfectly blended into the skin.

Key Features:

Luxurious makeup brushes, yet affordable make up brushes from Edy London.

  • Premium Synthetic Taklon Fibre Bristles: Experience the softness and precision of our high-quality bristles. Get your soft makeup brushes today.
  • Natural Wooden Matte Handle: The matte-finished handle offers the perfect grip for comfortable and controlled application.
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free: Feel good knowing that this brush is both vegan and cruelty-free.
  • Colourful Brushes: Choose from an array of 4 beautiful colours: Turquoise, Lemon, Cool Grey, and Pale Pink.
  • Elegant Packaging: Each brush comes individually packaged in a clean, matte-white box adorned with the EDY LONDON logo.

Check why you'll love it:

  • Non-shedding fiber bristles
  • Durable, maintains shape
  • Soft bristles, scratch-free bristles
  • Easy to clean
  • Quick drying
  • Designed and tested by an experienced makeup artist to eliminate product flaws.
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Customer Reviews

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Unlocking the Secrets of Buffing Foundation Brush 07

What is a buffing foundation brush for?

The buffing foundation brush is a beauty arsenal essential. Its unique design allows you to pick up the perfect amount of product and buff evenly into the skin. Its densely packed bristles are perfect for a natural, streak-free finish. Truly one of the best foundation brushes you'll find in the UK.

Is a buffing brush good for foundation?

Definitely, a buffing brush is designed to provide a smooth, even application, making it a great choice for foundation. It works exceptionally well with both liquid and mineral formulas, offering versatility and ease of use.

What is the difference between a flat and buffing foundation brush?

Flat and buffing foundation brushes serve different purposes. Flat top brushes are generally used for fuller coverage, especially with liquid and cream products. Buffing brushes, on the other hand, offer a softer, airbrushed finish, making them versatile for various foundation types.

How do you apply liquid foundation with a buffing brush?

To apply liquid foundation with a buffing brush, start by dabbing some foundation onto your skin. Use circular motions to buff the product into your skin. The flat top and dense bristles work to blend the product seamlessly, achieving a natural finish.

Can you use a buffing brush for powder foundation?

Absolutely, a buffing brush is not just limited to liquid formulas; it's also excellent for powder foundation. The dense bristles allow for a smooth and even application, making it a versatile tool in your make-up bag.

What is a flat makeup brush called?

A flat makeup brush is generally called a "flat foundation brush." Designed for fuller coverage, this type of brush is excellent for layering, offering a different application style compared to the buffing brush.

What is the difference between flat top and domed foundation brushes?

Flat top brushes offer a more even and robust coverage, ideal for liquid and cream formulas. Domed foundation brushes are better suited for a softer, more diffused finish and are often used for powder products.

What is the correct brush for foundation?

The "correct" brush for foundation really depends on the look you're aiming for. Our Buffing Foundation Brush 07 is perfect for a natural, airbrushed finish. For more coverage, a flat foundation brush would be your go-to. It's always good to have a range of options for different foundation formulas and finishes.

What is the difference between foundation brushes?

Different foundation brushes serve unique purposes. Buffing brushes offer a natural, seamless finish, while flat brushes provide robust, fuller coverage. Angled brushes, like our Detailed Foundation / Concealer Brush 34, are perfect for areas around the eyes and nose. Your choice ultimately depends on your desired finish and the type of foundation you're using.

Conclusion: Your Perfect Foundation Finish Awaits with Edy London Products

Choosing the right makeup brush can dramatically enhance your beauty routine. With Edy London Products, you can expect nothing but the best in quality and performance, ensuring that your foundation always looks flawless.