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Lip Brush with Cover 28

Lip Brush with Cover 28

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Perfect brush for lining lips, contouring and applying lipstick:

Allows for the accurate application of lipstick, lip gloss and liquid formulas.
Use the pointy side to line the lips, use the flat side to generously fill the lips with colour. The sharp ending lets you do lip contour as well.

Lip Brush with Cover — On-The-Go Perfection:

For those with dynamic lives, the Lip Brush with Cover is a must-have companion. Crafted with a portable design, it effortlessly fits into purses, clutches, or pockets. The cover ensures that your brush remains pristine clean. The metal cover that can be fitted at the handle end for extra comfort during application.

Whether you're dashing between meetings or social engagements, this brush promises seamless touch-ups wherever you are.

Your makeup remains your canvas, and now, it's ready to be perfected anytime, anywhere. Your commitment to flawless makeup is now matched with a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of hygiene.

Key Features:

Luxurious makeup brushes, yet affordable make up brushes from Edy London.

  • Premium Synthetic Taklon Fibre Bristles: Experience the softness and precision of our high-quality bristles. Get your soft makeup brushes today.
  • Natural Wooden Matte Handle: The matte-finished handle offers the perfect grip for comfortable and controlled application.
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free: Feel good knowing that this brush is both vegan and cruelty-free.
  • Colourful Brushes: Choose from an array of 4 beautiful colours: Turquoise, Lemon, Cool Grey, and Pale Pink.
  • Elegant Packaging: Each brush comes individually packaged in a clean, matte-white box adorned with the EDY LONDON logo.

Check why you'll love it:

  • Non-shedding fiber bristles
  • Durable, maintains shape
  • Soft bristles, scratch-free bristles
  • Easy to clean
  • Quick drying
  • Designed and tested by an experienced makeup artist to eliminate product flaws.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Excellent little brush

This is a really good brush and does the job well. It is more robust than I expected, and I totally recommend.

Lip brush

Great product ! This brush is exactly what I was looking for !

Little rocket in my pocket

Great design, perfect size. Wonderful brush shape for lining and filling colour

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Mastering Lip Perfection with Edy London Products' Lip Brush with Cover

What Brush Should You Use for Lipstick?

When it comes to the art of lipstick application, the Lip Brush with Cover is an absolute necessity. The pointed end is ideal for lip lining, while the flat side works wonders for a seamless application. It's not just a brush; it's a beauty accessory every sophisticated woman should have in her clutch.

Can You Use a Brush to Apply Lipstick?

Certainly. Using a quality Lip Brush elevates the act of applying lipstick into a fine art. Whether it's lipstick or lip gloss, the precision this liner brush offers is unparalleled, making it perfect for luxurious liquid textures or those high-pigment shades.

Are Lip Brushes Worth It?

Absolutely, they are worth it. A Lip Brush, especially one with a cover, acts as your personal makeup artist. It ensures an even, long-lasting and smudge-free finish—something akin to a red-carpet-ready look. Let's not forget the hygiene benefits that come from using a lip brush with a cover, especially when you're out and about.

Why Are Lip Brushes Important?

Would you paint a masterpiece with a worn-out brush? Of course not. A quality lip liner brush is crucial for creating that captivating, flawless pout. It can be used as a liner brush to outline and a lipstick brush to fill, offering you the versatility to transition from daytime chic to evening glamour with the Lip Brush with Cover.

How to Use a Lip Brush?

Begin with the pointed end for lip lining, ensuring your outline is impeccable. Then, switch to the flat side for filling in with your desired lipstick or lip gloss. If your lip brush comes with a cover that can be attached to the handle end, make sure to utilise it; it provides that extra bit of comfort during application.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Makeup Game with Edy London Products

In a world where makeup is an art form, the tools you use define your masterpiece. Edy London Products' Lip Brush with Cover is more than just a makeup brush; it's a statement of elegance, precision, and hygiene. Don't just do makeup; perfect it.