Collection: Brow Makeup Brushes

Perfect your brows with our expertly crafted Professional Brow Brushes.

Designed for grooming and shaping, these brushes ensure precise eyebrow application, allowing you to achieve flawless brow looks.

Choose from an array of beautiful colours, including Turquoise, Lemon, Cool Grey, and Pale Pink. Our brushes come individually packaged in elegant matte-white boxes adorned with the EDY LONDON logo.

Why settle for less when you can have the best tools for your brows? Scroll down to explore our Brow Makeup Brushes and take your brow game to the next level.

Achieving Brow Perfection with Edy London's Brow Makeup Brushes

When it comes to achieving flawless brows, the right tools make all the difference. Edy London Products proudly presents our Brow Makeup Brushes collection, expertly designed for precision and style. Whether you're a makeup artist or an everyday beauty enthusiast, our Angled Brow Brush 22 and Mascara Brush 25 / Spoolie Brush 25 offer versatility and functionality, making them essential for your brow and lash needs.

Angled Brow Brush 22

If you desire precise definition and filling of your eyebrows, look no further than our Angled Brow Brush 22. This versatile Brow Shaping Brush maintains its shape, making it suitable for use with powders, creams, and liquids. Crafted with premium synthetic taklon fibre bristles, this brush ensures a non-shedding, soft finish for your brows. It's also vegan and cruelty-free, aligning perfectly with Edy London Products' commitment to quality and ethics.

Mascara Brush 25 / Spoolie Brush 25

Don't forget about your lashes! Our Mascara Brush 25 / Spoolie Brush 25 doubles as a lash and brow serum applicator. Keep your lashes and brows in place throughout the day, or use it for lash extensions and lash lift maintenance. It's a fantastic tool for combing lash extensions and applying lash and brow serums. Versatility and functionality are at your fingertips with our Brow Brushes.

Expert Tips for Brow Perfection

1. Brush Before You Begin: Always start by combing your brows with the Spoolie Brush to ensure an even application of brow products.

2. Use Angled Brushes for Precision: Our Angled Brow Brush 22 is your secret weapon for precise brow definition. Try it with a brow stencil for impeccable results.

3. Experiment with Colours: Don't be afraid to experiment with different shades to find the perfect match for your brows. Our Brow Makeup Brushes collection offers 2 options of brushes, each in 4 different colours Turquoise, Lemon, Cool Grey, and Pale Pink.

4. Clean Your Brushes Regularly: Proper maintenance of your Brow Makeup Brushes ensures longevity and keeps them free from makeup residue.

Discover Brow Perfection with Edy London Products Makeup Brushes

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