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Makeup Brush Bag & Cosmetic Purse

Makeup Brush Bag & Cosmetic Purse

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A beautiful home for all your fabulous EDY London Products. This bag will fit your tools whether you are travelling or you simply fancy a sophisticated storage solution for your beauty tools, this case is just the ticket.

Crafted from 100% synthetic PU leather, it boasts a plush matt textured finish that exudes elegance. The case is not only sumptuously stylish, but also vegan and cruelty-free, making it the ethical choice for the discerning modern woman.

The robust metal zip, trimmed with a chic black fabric edge, ensures your brushes are kept securely in place, while the lavish black satin lining adds an extra layer of protection, and a dash of opulence, to the interior.

Our Makeup Brush Travel Case comes in a choice of four tantalising colours to suit your personality and style—Turquoise for the bold, Lemon for the spirited, Cool Grey for the understated, and Pale Pink for the classic beauty aficionado.

It's so versatile, you can even use it as an actual purse! Experience the height of luxury and functionality with this multipurpose gem, also known as your new Cosmetic Brush Bag.

Elevate your beauty regime today with this indispensable addition from EDY London—tailored specifically for sophisticated women who crave perfection in every stroke.

Key Features:

  • 100% synthetic (PU) leather with high-quality matt textured finish
  • Metal zip with black fabric edge
  • Black satin fabric lining to the inside
  • Vegan & cruelty free
  • Choose from 4 beautiful colours: Turquoise, Lemon, Cool Grey and Pale Pink
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Ultimate Guide to Makeup Brush Care and Storage with Edy London Products

How to Store Your Makeup Brushes?

Storing your makeup brushes properly is essential for maintaining their quality and efficacy. While some people opt for jars or magnetic boards, a dedicated Makeup Brush Case offers the advantage of added protection and hygiene. Our vegan, synthetic PU leather case fits this purpose splendidly without sacrificing style or ethical considerations.

How to Pack Makeup Brushes in a Purse?

Packing brushes in a regular purse can result in a mess or even damage your brushes. A specialised Brush Purse or Makeup Brush Pouch can help you avoid such issues. While some purses come with multiple compartments for brushes, our case offers an elegant, single-compartment solution that securely houses your brushes, keeping them in top shape.

How Do You Store Makeup Brushes in a Makeup Brush Bag?

Storing brushes in our Makeup Brush Bag is a simple and effective way to keep them safe. Unlike cases with multiple compartments, our single-compartment design offers fuss-free storage, making it easy for you to locate and retrieve your brushes. The sturdy zip mechanism and luxe satin lining add an extra layer of protection.

How Do You Store Makeup Brushes in a Bag?

Throwing your brushes into just any bag won't do if you want them to last. A dedicated Brush Bag or Brush Travel Case like ours provides the right blend of protection and style without unnecessary frills. Made from easily cleanable synthetic PU leather, it’s an ideal storage solution.

How Do You Clean a Brush Bag?

To maintain a hygienic environment for your brushes, cleaning your Cosmetic Brush Bag is crucial. Our Makeup Brush Travel Case is easy to clean; simply wipe it down with a damp cloth. The satin lining can also be lightly hand-washed, which is far more effective than just shaking out the dust.

How Do You Pack a Brush?

When travelling, it's essential to keep your brushes secure and intact. While some might use makeshift solutions, a Makeup Brush Travel Case or a Brush Travel Case is the best way to ensure they stay in pristine condition. Our bag offers this level of protection, with its robust zip mechanism and satin lining.

How Do Makeup Artists Store Their Brushes?

Professional makeup artists have various options for storing brushes, including roll-up pouches and multi-compartment cases. However, a high-quality Cosmetic Brush Case, like ours, can also meet their stringent requirements. The sturdy zip and luxurious satin lining make it suitable for professional use as well.


Elevate your beauty regime with these indispensable tips and the exceptional Edy London Products. Whether you're a beauty aficionado or a professional makeup artist, investing in a high-quality makeup brush storage solution is crucial. Choose wisely and treasure your beauty tools for years to come.