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Makeup Sponge 3-Pack

Makeup Sponge 3-Pack

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One of the most popular alternatives to a traditional beauty blender. This sponge swells up when damped, the cut side to the top enables you to access hard-reach areas with ease.  With this sponge you can pat on concealer under eyes and around the nose easily. This brush is reusable. 

3 sponges in the pack: Pale Pink, Cool Grey, Lemon

Come in a plain white boxes with EDY LONDON logo.

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Pretty colours and nicely packaged

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The Ultimate Guide to Perfecting Your Look with Edy London's Makeup Sponges - Beauty Blenders

Should You Wet a Sponge Before Applying Concealer?

There's often a bit of debate around this, but the consensus amongst professionals is that a damp makeup sponge is often your best ally for a smooth, natural finish when it comes to applying concealer. Why? When damp, your beauty blender sponge expands, offering a softer texture that blends the product seamlessly into those hard-to-reach areas, especially under the eyes and around the nose.

Do You Use a Sponge for Concealer and Foundation?

Absolutely, a makeup sponge can be an excellent tool for applying concealer. Their soft, porous textures make for a more natural blend, effectively distributing the product for that flawless look. When it comes to foundation, sponges, especially a foundation sponge, offer an unparalleled application. Our sponges can be used for both concealer and foundation.

Is a Brush or a Sponge Better for Concealer?

Brushes for Concealer:

Precision: Brushes offer exact application, particularly useful for concealing small blemishes or imperfections.
Less Product Consumption: Brushes are less porous than sponges, so they don't absorb as much product.
Variety: Brushes come in various shapes and bristle types, providing a range of options for different concealer textures.
Longevity: High-quality brushes can last for years when maintained well.
Hygienic: Easier to clean and dry, reducing bacterial build-up.

Streaking: Brushes can leave behind lines or streaks if not used skilfully.
Learning Curve: Requires some expertise to achieve a seamless finish.
Multiple Tools: You might need different types of brushes for different concealer formulas, adding to costs.

Sponges for Concealer:

Airbrushed Finish: Sponges often result in a more natural, blended look, reducing the appearance of pores and fine lines.
Ease of Use: Generally easier for beginners to achieve a smooth finish.
Versatility: Can be used for multiple steps of makeup application, like foundation, blush, and setting powder, beyond just concealer.
Blending: Unparalleled in their ability to blend different products together seamlessly.
Hard-to-Reach Areas: The pointed tip of beauty blenders allows you to reach nooks and crannies like the sides of the nose.

Product Wastage: Tend to soak up more product, which could be wasteful.
Hygiene: Need to be cleaned more frequently to prevent bacterial and fungal growth.
Durability: May need to be replaced more frequently than brushes.
Consistency: The finish could vary depending on how damp the sponge is.

Both tools offer unique benefits and drawbacks, and often it comes down to personal preference and the specific look you're aiming to achieve. Many professional makeup artists would have both in their kit to utilise the strengths of each.

Cleaning Makeup Sponges is Easy, How to Best Clean Your Makeup Sponges?

Cleaning your makeup sponge, beauty blender, or any makeup applicator is quite straightforward.  For home solutions, a mild soap and warm water can work wonders. The key is to gently squeeze the sponge while cleaning to remove all product build-up, then rinse thoroughly and let it air dry.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Makeup Game with Edy London Products

Whether you're a fan of the classic makeup sponge, partial to a top-of-the-range beauty blender, or searching for the best beauty blender for your unique skin, Edy London Products has you covered. Our range of quality sponges and makeup brushes makes sure you're one step closer to makeup mastery.