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Small Domed Blush Brush 09

Small Domed Blush Brush 09

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Small Blush Brush with a dome shape, with long, extra soft bristles.

Allows you to apply more concentrated products like cream blush or liquid, blush.
For powder-only Blush Brush formulas, use our Small Tapered Blush Brush 08.

Suitable for bronzer application (butter bronzer, liquid bronzer, cream bronzer).

Key Features:

Luxurious makeup brushes, yet affordable make up brushes from Edy London.

  • Premium Synthetic Taklon Fibre Bristles: Experience the softness and precision of our high-quality bristles. Get your soft makeup brushes today.
  • Natural Wooden Matte Handle: The matte-finished handle offers the perfect grip for comfortable and controlled application.
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free: Feel good knowing that this brush is both vegan and cruelty-free.
  • Colourful Brushes: Choose from an array of 4 beautiful colours: Turquoise, Lemon, Cool Grey, and Pale Pink.
  • Elegant Packaging: Each brush comes individually packaged in a clean, matte-white box adorned with the EDY LONDON logo.

Check why you'll love it:

  • Non-shedding fiber bristles
  • Durable, maintains shape
  • Soft bristles, scratch-free bristles
  • Easy to clean
  • Quick drying
  • Designed and tested by an experienced makeup artist to eliminate product flaws.
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Customer Reviews

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Victoria Grushevskiy

Sooooooooo goood. Absolutely fav brush of all time. More please!

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Master the Art of Blush Application with Edy London Products

When it comes to perfect makeup, the right tools make all the difference. At Edy London Products, we offer a range of premium makeup brushes designed to give you that flawless look.

How Do You Use a Dome Blush Brush?

Using a dome blush brush is indeed an art. Employing tools like our Small Domed Blush Brush 09 demands a gentle hand. Whether you are working with cream or liquid blush, a soft dab into the product followed by a smooth application onto the apples of your cheeks will do the trick. Blend outward for that seamless finish. Pro-tip: Always start with a minimal amount; it's easier to add than to subtract.

What Type of Brush is Best for Blush?

Your blush formula largely dictates your brush choice. For powder blush, our Small Tapered Blush Brush 08 is highly effective. And for cream or liquid blushes, the Small Domed Blush Brush 09 offers smooth and consistent blending. Pro-tip: Regular brush cleaning ensures optimal application.

What is a Blush Brush Called?

In the distinguished world of Edy London Products, each brush has its unique nomenclature. A blush brush may generally be called a cheek brush or face brush. Pro-tip: Good quality brushes make for superior makeup application.

What Brush to Use With Liquid Bronzer?

For liquid bronzer, a dome-shaped brush with soft bristles is your go-to. Our Small Domed Blush Brush 09 excels in this department. Pro-tip: Apply starting below the cheekbones and blend upwards and outwards for a natural lift.

What Brush to Use With Cream Bronzer?

When using cream bronzer, a brush that blends seamlessly, like our Small Domed Blush Brush 09, is your best bet. Pro-tip: Blend well for a natural look.

What Brush is Best for Liquid Blush?

For liquid blush, a dome-shaped brush like the Small Domed Blush Brush 09 is most effective. Pro-tip: Less is truly more. Start with a tiny amount.

What is Blush for Face?

Blush adds a radiant, youthful glow to your cheeks. Pro-tip: Choose a blush that complements your skin tone.

Why Do We Use Blush?

Blush lends warmth and a youthful glow to your face. Pro-tip: Blend for a natural look.

How Do I Get Natural Blush?

To achieve a natural blush look, apply sparingly, blend outwards, and consider a touch on the bridge of your nose for that sun-kissed appearance. Pro-tip: Always apply in natural light.

What Colour is Natural Blush?

Natural blush shades range from soft pinks to deep berries. Pro-tip: Always test the colour on the back of your hand before applying to your face.

Is a Natural Blush Attractive?

Indeed, a well-applied natural blush enhances your face’s natural beauty. Pro-tip: Use a setting spray to make your blush last all day.

Concluding Thoughts on Mastering Blush with Edy London Products

Whether you’re a makeup novice or a seasoned pro, choosing the right makeup brushes is crucial for achieving your desired look. Edy London Products offers a curated range of brushes to help you master the art of blush application. From liquid to cream formulas, our brushes, especially the Small Domed Blush Brush 09, are your trusty companions in enhancing your natural beauty. So, why settle for less when you can have the best?